About me

My name is Margaret Griffin. I have always had a huge interest in food and it has developed over the years to include an interest in nutrition and healthy eating. I have a professional qualification in Food Science and have worked in both the meat and bakery food sectors.

However the bulk of my knowledge came from my family, in particular my grandmother and mother and from not being afraid to experiment and try things out. I grow vegetables and fruit, I keep hens and ducks and pigs. I cook, bake, preserve, brew. I give children's cookery classes and tutor adults on a professional cookery course (nutrition and food science). Teaching children has been the best experience to date. To hear an eight year old repeat stuff I have said in a lesson to her mother really gives me a thrill. To be honest I don't think they are even listening half the time but this just shows they do. Teach the children and you will educate the world. 

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